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Ultimate Ears/Logitech:
•UE 200 (blue)
•UE 600vi [for sports]
•UE 900
•UE 900(S)
•UE Triple.Fi 10 [there is indeed something special about them; Cyber Monday bargain]
UERM (164 cm silver transparent cable, standard faceplate) [the first IEM that made me cry of joy]

•CX 200 Street II (grey) [bought them because of their "stealth" looks back then]
•IE 80 [smooth with large soundstage, flabby bass - good for slow and singer/songwriter stuff]
IE 800 [excellent DD IEMs w/ gimmicky "fun" signature but stupid cable]

•SE425 (silver) [small soundstage (good instrument placement though), quick bass - treble extension not so good; the IEM that started the fire in me & made me a collector/audiophile]
SE846 (@ white treble filters)

Fischer Amps:
FA-3E (grey) [one of my fav. balanced sounding BA IEMs for outdoor use]
•FA-4E XB (blue; new version w/ revised mids transducer)


Custom Art Ei.3 (UIEM)

Noble Audio SAVANNA

Audio Technica ATH-IM03 [extremely well made fun IEM w/ rather gentle, non-overdone v-shape] (Ersteindrücke: Link; Filterwechsel: Link)

Jays q-JAYS (2nd generation) [thoroughly excellent sound, quality and user experience from Sweden]

Rose Technology Mini2 (removable cable version)

Nebula One
Nebula 2

LHF-AE1d (w/upgrade nozzles most of the times, repaired the cable by soldering new 2-pin connectors) [the king of versatile bass and an excellent single dynamic driver IEM anyway]
NS-U1 (blue; with NSC-01 and NSC-03 cables)

PMV A 01

A91 Sirius

UPQ Q-music QE80 (Fidue A83 OEM from Japan)

Trinity Audio Engineering:
Delta Hybrid V-II (damped purple filters most of the time)
•Vyrus (had defective threads, so I permanently glued the hollow golden filters to it)
•Vyrus (hollow golden filters most of the time)

New Primacy

FLC Technology FLC8s (red; @ grey-clear-gunmetal filters most of the time) [sonically about perfect hybrid in-ears]

iBasso IT03

•I-5C (Voice of China Edition) [great accessories but rather mediocre sound for a single-BA IEM]
DN-2000J (grey silicone tips, no spacers) [HD 800-like signature with LCD-X-like bass body]
DN-2002 (stock white silicone tips)
Titan 1
Titan 1es (black)
Titan 3
Titan 5 [Titan 1 w/ more "oomph" and less "zing"]

ER-4S [my fav. allround signature and fav. IEM in general although it is definitely not my technically best]


FiiO F1

Shozy Zero

Simgot EN700 (@ stock long stem silicone tips)

Mixcder ANC-G5

Superlux HD381 (black)

Westone 4R [excellent bass speed and resolution, but not really my kind of tonality]

the t.bone EP 7 [ technically strong, underestimated stage monitor that needs some EQing to be suitable for regular listening (a bit weird tonality)]

InEar StageDiver SD-2 (silver cable) [spatiality & naturalness]

Phonak Audéo PFE-132 [I paid a lot to import one of the last available new, sealed exemplars for my collection]

TE-02 [inexpensive and neutral]

Joinhandmade Jelly Doux (copper)

Model 3 (wired use)

Alpha & Delta:
AD01 (black, with upgrade cable)

ER580 (2x) [beats the more expensive UE600 in many areas]
ER610 [listening aid - rather meh tonality though technically not too bad for the money]

Pai Audio:
MR4 (blue)
MR3 (blue) [SE425-killer w/ UERM-kind-of-tonality]
MR2 (orange) [no killer, but a really good otg IEM]
MR2 ("Green Kryptonite")
MR1 (stock single-flange tips)
DR1 (dark red bodies + red glitter faceplates)

RHA T20 (@ Reference filters)

Echobox Audio The Finder X1 (@ silver filters most of the time)

Z:ero (gold)
Aero ('Acoustic' model pre-production prototype drivers and digital cable module) [meh]
Aero ('Acoustic' model production protototype drivers)

Awei ES-Q5

NuForce NE800M

Piston Colorful Starter Edition (black) [managed to surprise me in a positive way]
Piston Colorful Starter Edition (blue) [ " & same IEM as the other colour]
Hybrid Pro HD

E1001 (black/gold)

Penon IEM [very coloured, overly warm, veiled mids + boomy, unrefined, spongy bass]

Al Capone In-Ears with a zip-up y-splitter [surprisingly won them as a part of a "Survival-Package" that's just a bunch of cheap merchandise - the stupid in-ears didn't even come with any other ear tips apart from the medium ones that were already mounted]

Signature Acoustics
O-16 [the only good one out of the three SA in-ears]
Be-09 [massive v-shape, but overall more or less okay]

Knowledge Zenith:
•ATE (black smoke) [smooth & dark]
HDS1 ["Sh*t, it was just ~ $10!" - most likely the best thing you can get for that price; excellent value]
•ZN1 [interesting concept]
ZS1 [ZN1's amp-less, dark brother]
•ED9 (@ matte brass filters)
ZS5 (w/ silver "upgrade" cable)

Chord & Major:
9'13 ("Classical") [it's overpriced]
5'14 ("World Music") [ditto]

IS-1 HIPUT [the probably worst in-ear I've ever heard - overly bassy, bloated & muffled w/ a severe lack of control]
•IS-1 Liberty [it was a gift from a fellow Head-Fier - totally different to the "HIPUT": not bloated but actually really bright w/ a clearly forward treble]

TTPOD T1 (clear)

Philips SHE9800 (white)

•E10 (silver/black)
E80 (gunmetal) [refined E10 w/ better mids & more highs]
•PL 50

Zero Audio Carbo Tenore

Havi B3 Pro I [technically really strong w/ superb value & soundstage, but there's something I don't like for some reason - probably a phase anomaly?]

Ostry KC06A (@ treble tips) [the Columbo of revealing hiss]

Apple In-Ears [underrated and overlooked dual-BAs]

A151 2nd Generation [UE600-killer; refined version of the first A151]
M6 Pro
X7 Plus
Pinnacle P1

M3 [best DD Brainwavz IEM (imho) - almost bottomless soundstage depth & really good value]
Jive (red)
Omega (white) [really well-made consumer sound for $15]
XF200 (black) [one of the very few IEMs with horrible fit in my ears]

•ME-21 (Mono crystal transducer) [these lack soundstage ;-)]
•XBA-C10 (black)




Audeze LCD-X (black, leather) [the 'Black Widow']

•HD 598 [I shouldn't have bought it...]
•HD 600 [excellent value - my favourite open-back dynamic Senn HP- my favourite around-ear]
HD 800 [precise & quick scalpel - reveals everything, love it for Classical & Electronic]

•DT 880 600 Ω
•DT 770 Pro 250 Ω [they are a lot of fun but one side produces wind noise while walking due to the forward-facing vent]
•DT 990 Pro 250 Ω

HiFiMan HE-400 [excellent bass response but some slight "sizzle" in the mids and treble that makes it somewhat artificial]

Audio Technica ATH-MSR7 (black/blue) (das "Amazon-Missgeschick": Link)

Fostex T50RP MK3 (100% stock & un-modified) ["Agent Orange"]
Fostex x Massdrop TH-X00 (Mahogany)

AKG K701 (comparison with the Sennheiser HD 800: Link)

Shure SRH440 [balanced/neutral closed-back sound on the go]

Meze 99 Classics (gold) [smooth Sennheiser HD 650-kind-of tonality]

Brookstone Axent Wear Wireless Bluetooth Cat Ear Headphones (wired use) [meow!]

Brainwavz HM2 [smooth but a little veiled - solid and inexpensive over-ears for otg]

1MORE MK801 (red) [great looks and sound for less than $100 - really good value, smooth sound]

•HD-681 [plays clearly above ~ €20]

MeElectronics Air-Fi Matrix² AF62


DUNU Alpha 1 [really good concept, but only w/ a proper seal - keeper in my book but definitely not for everyone]

Shozy Cygnus [beautiful build & really nice sound]

MrZ Tomahawk (silver) [excellent earbuds & I love them a lot]

Pai Audio PR1/3.14 Flat

ViThō "Apple EarPods"

Venture Electronics Monk Plus [not bad but imho a bit overrated and clearly over-hyped - I'd listen to the radio w/ it but not to music]

FiiO EM3

SanDisk Sansa Earbuds

•A06 Earbuds (white)
•B03 Earbuds (black)

Nokia WH-108

Leagoo Z5c Earbuds

Hidizs AP60 earbuds

SoundMagic EP10 (black)

WS-410 [balanced & good value]
WS-430 [balanced & good value - volume control doesn't work w/ iDevices]

2x Apple Earbuds (new version w/ offset bridge)
Apple EarPods [good sports buds; w/ installed Earhoox] (comparison with the BlackBerry WS-430: Link; comparison with the ViThō "EarPods": Link)
Apple EarPods (non-mic/remote)


•PX 100 (grey)
•PX 100-II (black)
•Amperior (blue) [smooth, quick, well-isolating]

Koss Porta Pro [I hate it but I also like it - on-ear for sports]

Brainwavz Kidwavz KV100 (black) [not only for kids]

Sony MDR-Q140 (white; AliExpress fakes)

Yamay BH-M20